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Mikkeli Centre of photography 7.6. - 11.8.2018

"To disappear into deep water or to disappear toward a far horizon, to become a part of depth or infinity, such is the destiny of man that finds its image in the destiny of water."    (Gaston Bachelard, Water and dreams​, 1942)


No mud, no lotus depicts water and phases of growth of three different water plants. Yet, the metaphorical level of ascending from the dark bottom towards light is the most meaningful message of the exhibition. I found the enchantment of the under water universe in the beginning of the millenium. I was touched by a deep existential experience. At the same time I read the book Water and dreams (1942) by the phenomenologist Gaston Bachelard  – I felt as if the book was written of or for me. 


Soundscape: Maija Ruuskanen

Form 1-2, 2013.  Form 1 belongs to the art collections of the Finnish State

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